Sign design is an integral part of the sign purchasing process. With a good design, you can not only find the best price but ensure that your sign will be exactly the sign you need.

L&J Signs are professional sign designers with 30+ years combined experience in the sign industry. We design all types of signage; pole signs, monument signs, wall signs, projecting signs, led signs, neon signs, and more!

Designing a sign isn't like creating an Ad or designing a poster. To design a sign you must know local sign code regulations, building codes,  structural and electrical engineering fundamental principles and good sign design principles for creating attractive and aesthetically beautiful signs that meet code.

You don't want to just put up any old sign design on your business because with anything you display on your business it gives off a certain image and customers will perceive you a certain way based off that. Their is a reason why the big companies invest so much in their brand because they understand that your image on the outside of your storefront and the effort you put into designing it is the key to experiencing a great deal of return on your investment.

The main purpose of any sign design is to identify the location of your business and attract customers. Give your business the effort it deserves and hire us today! We will work with you through all the process of your sign purchase from design to installation and we will do a great job!


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L & J Signs is a Regional and National Sign company located in Orlando, Florida that has been designing, engineering, permitting and manufacturing electrical and non-electrical Signs to the retail and wholesale markets for nearly a decade.
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