Sign Engineering

Sign engineering is an integral part of the sign purchasing process. It minimizes the liability to you as the business owner and ensures you a sign you can rely on for years to come.

L&J Signs are professionals when dealing with engineers with 30+ years combined experience in the sign industry. We know what we are doing when it comes to specification design and working with engineers to establish code compliant and reliable signage!

The most important document in your project is your construction plans since they are the blueprints of your job and outlines the specifications and scope expected to be completed by the county, you as the customer, and our company as the contractor. These constructions plans can come in the form of any drafted plans that have been reviewed and approved by a certified engineer who would stamp or seal them accordingly. During the drafting process we create all of the preliminary specifications for the structure such as frame member specs, joints, wall mounting method, electrical details, etc. based off previous work and experience and then our certified engineer review the drafts for structural integrity, wind load compliance, and handful of other specifications and variables that go into ensuring a reliable sign build.

Our engineers review our drafts for compliance with a variety of local and national building codes including but not limited to:
  • The Florida Building Code 2017
  • The International Building Code 2018
  • The National Electrical Code 2014-2017
  • The Epcot Building Code
  • The Epcot Building Code
  • ASTM International Standards
After our engineers complete their review, they approve and seal the drawings for submittal to the city/county in either physical or digital copies. Once the drawings are stamped and sealed, these are the drawings we use on the job site and in fabrication to refer to and comply with throughout the entire fabrication and installation process.


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