Sign Permitting can be a lengthy and frustrating process. The codes across various counties can be contradictory and confusing and sometimes very vague to the point of difficulty in interpretation. While counties do offer assistance in interpreting and understanding their specific sign codes, that can still be a tedious  and frustrating process due to long wait times, misinformation, or other straight up limitations in the code.

Choosing the right sign company that understands the signs codes and is familiar with many variations of the code across different municipalities is highly important during the sign purchasing process. If you go with a company that does not understand the legal requirements and the sign codes that they must comply with you will end up with many issues you don't want to deal with in the long run.

During our design and engineering process, we are constantly double checking and ensuring that we are complying with all sign regulations for your parcel or zone and ensure that the permit process will not be bogged down from improper research and understanding on our part.

Our administrator is an expert in dealing with the counties in permit paperwork and procurement and takes great effort into ensuring that we are not the cause of a unnecessarily long permit process. Even though we can not control how long it takes a county to process a sign permit, we can ensure that the process isn't extended out more than necessary by ensuring we do what we need to do on our end.


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