Sign Retrofit

In recent years, LEDs has become the primary way to light a sign internally and externally. However, a lot of existing signs have been illuminated by either fluorescent or neon. A lot of business owners are switching over their old neon or fluorescent based signs to LED signs.

L&J Signs are professional sign technicians with professional boom trucks with 30+ years combined experience in the sign industry. We know what we are doing when it comes to sign retrofits!

Why switch over or convert your sign to leds?

Greater Energy Efficiency: LED Lighting is 70% more energy efficient than neon. This efficiency can lower your costs due to lower electric consumption.

Increased Brightness: LED Lighting is brighter than neon, even in cold eather where neon fails. LED lighting maintains a better level of brightness throughout its entire lifespan.

Better Performance: LED lighting is more consistent with its performance and does not have a flickering issue like neon signs. It keeps its illumination longer and is more uniform throughout the entire sign.

Less Maintenance: LED signs require less maintenance than neon signs. Since they do not require much maintenance it will save you money.

Improved Durability: LED modules are made of plastic which is extremely durable and easy to clean. Neon lighting is made of glass and is very fragile.

Easier and Quicker to Repair or Replace: LED lighted signs are going to be easier and quicker to repair, since their is no special skill required in replacing the LED modules if they go bad or another issue is found. If a neon tube is damaged or does not function anymore properly, you would have to get another created and that can be much more money and time that you do not want to spend as the skill of neon tube crafting is more scarce then LED replacement.

Reduced Risk: LED Signs are considered low voltage and pose less of a risk to fire if failed then neon signs which are considered high voltage.

Environmental Friendliness:LED lighting does not contain mercury and uses less power than neon which results in less strain on the environment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Some Counties and Cities require retrofits to be permitted! Retrofits must be done with UL Approved Retrofit Kits or Signs to be retrofitted must be taken down, brought back to a UL Listed Shop for Re-Wiring and then Re-Installed in field. Seek advisement from your Chief Electrical Inspector in your County or City for More information on Sign Retrofits or reach out to us at the link below and we can help you with your retrofit!


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